Whitecliff Logistics goal is to make life easy for our customers through the elimination of red tape and the outstanding performance of our people and equipment. We believe that teamwork, not individual effort, is the only way to achieve this goal. Honesty and dedication will always be a key characteristic found in our drivers, staff and management.

Cross border truckload meeting At Whitecliff Logistics, we meet commitments, are responsive and offer customized service options the larger carriers are unable to accommodate Our Cross border truckload business is growing We started as a small trucking operation and grew to meet customer demands

Like many trucking operations, we started out behind the wheel. With a strong desire to succeed and an even stronger entrepreneurial spirit, soon went from behind the wheel to heading up the operations and sales of the company. Slow and steady growth, coupled with high service levels and top notch transportation equipment has been a winning formula for Whitecliff Logistics.   READ MORE


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Whitecliff Logistics offer our customers and carriers customized logistics solutions.

Once we commit to an assignment, we monitor the truck’s progress from pick-up to delivery. In the process, we regularly communicate the shipment’s status to the customer. We bear the responsibility of providing reliable equipment and overcoming the many obstacles that may occur in transit.